Dr. Sadhana Gupta








Scientist 'B'


Department of Infectious Diseases Biology                                                      
Phone: 91-22-24192151
Email  : guptas@nirrh.res.in


Academic Background

  • Ph.D , Biochemistry     (Mumbai University,2008)
  • M.Sc,  Applied Biology (Mumbai University, 1999)
  • B.Sc,   Microbiology     (Mumbai University, 1983)

Professional Experience

2015 to date:  Scientist ‘B’, National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health (NIRRH), Mumbai.
2012 to 2015: Scientist ‘B’, Clinical division, National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Hyderabad.
2010 to 2012: Technical Officer, Molecular and Cellular Biology, NIRRH.
1994 to 2009: Research Assistant, Molecular Immunology division, NIRRH.

Research Interests

  • Pre-clinical Evaluation and Development of Microbicides
  • Vaginal Mucosal Innate Immunity
  • Reproductive tract Infections/Sexually transmitted Infections
  • Early Detection and Prevention of Cervical cancer
  • Immune responses in HPV-associated Cervical cancer

Awards & Achievements

  • Received Best Scientific Research Award for the poster entitled “Correlation of Integrin Expression on Endometrial Cells and Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes to assess the Endometrial Function in Women” at the 18th National Symposium of Reproductive Biology and Comparative Endocrinology held at Chennai, December 27-29, 1999.
    • Awarded full scholarship grants to present work at Microbicides 2006 Conference at Cape town, South Africa, Gordon Research Conference on Antimicrobial Peptides at Italy and XVII International AIDS 2008 Conference at Mexico.


    Publications (Last 10)

    • KV Reddy, SM Gupta, CC Aranha. Effect of Antimicrobial Peptide, Nisin, on the Reproductive Functions of RatsISRN  Veterinary science 2011.
    • SM GuptaCC Aranha, JR Bellare, KVR Reddy.Interaction of contraceptive antimicrobial peptide nisin with target cell membranes: implications for use as vaginal microbicide. Contraception 80 (3), 299-307,2009.
    • CCAranha, SM Gupta, KVR Reddy. Assessment of cervicovaginal cytokine levels following exposure to microbicide Nisin gel in rabbits. Cytokine 43 (1), 63-70,2008.
    • SM GuptaCC Aranha, KVR ReddyEvaluation of developmental toxicity of microbicide Nisin in rats. Food and Chemical Toxicology 46 (2), 598-603, 2008.
    • SM Gupta, CC Aranha, MC Mohanty, KVR Reddy Toll-like receptors and cytokines as surrogate biomarkers for evaluating vaginal immune response following microbicide administration. Mediators of Inflammation 23:45-59, 2008.
    • Reddy K.V.R,Sadhana Guptaand P.K. Meherji, Lymphocyte Integrins: Potential Surrogate Biomarkers for Evaluation of Endometrial Receptivity.Surrogate Tissue Analysis 109 -122, 2005.
    • C Aranha , S Gupta, KVR ReddyContraceptive efficacy of antimicrobial peptide Nisin: in vitro and in vivo studies.Contraception 69 (4), 333-338,2004.
    • KVR Reddy, C Aranha, SM Gupta, RD Yedery Evaluation of antimicrobial peptide nisin as a safe vaginal contraceptive agent in rabbits: in vitro and in vivo studies Reproduction 128 (1), 117-126, 2004


     Evaluation of Biomarkers for Early detection of Cervical cancer in Indian Women.