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Structure-function relationship studies with respect to various proteins involved in reproductive processes are being undertaken at this department. We have delineated bioneutralizing epitopes of gonadotropins, chicken riboflavin carrier protein and prostate secretory protein (PSP94) using synthetic peptides corresponding to the surface oriented regions and anti-peptide antibodies. At present the group is working towards elucidating the structural, molecular and cellular aspects of follicle stimulating hormone receptor (FSHR). The structural and functional determinants of the extracellular domain of FSHR have been identified in order to understand the mechanism of ligand binding and signaling. This information would be useful in development of potent FSH agonists or antagonists which may have application in infertility management or contraception respectively. We are also investigating the significance of FSHR polymorphisms in subjects undergoing ovarian stimulation protocol in IVF/ET programs. The laboratory has excellent facilities for solid phase peptide synthesis, purification and characterization of peptides/proteins, in vitro and in vivo bioassays.