Department of Operational Research

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The department undertakes studies on operational research, epidemiological, clinical and social aspects of reproductive health. The areas of primary interest are sexual and reproductive health of adolescents, reproductive tract infections including sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS, burden of reproductive health disorders, Microbicides, infertility and contraception. The department has developed clinical, operational guidelines and information, education and communication material on priority areas for use in the national programmes. The department is also involved in research capacity building activities within and outside the institute.

Invites Applications

Post of observer: The department invites applications for fixed tenure observership (6 months to one year) from medical graduates and social science postgraduates. The research training during the observership will be beneficial for aspiring candidates of MPH courses abroad including US Universities. No payment/salary will be given during the observership. Interested candidates may contact the department head Dr. S. L. Chauhan -

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