Department of Biostatistics






Completed Projects (2007-2012)

  1. Interventions in Urban Slums for Enhancing Participation of Men in Reproductive Health (Funded by Department of Family Welfare, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India) (2004-2009)
  2. A Study of Psychosocial and Service Dynamics of Illegal Abortion in Rural Areas of India : ICMR Multi-Centric Study (2006-2008)
  3. Mechanisms for Relations of Domestic Violence to Poor Maternal and Infant Health ( Indo- US Program on Maternal and Child Health and Human Development Research (MCHDR) Programme) (2007-2010)
  4. Raising HIV awareness among non-infected Indian Wives: HIV risk reduction for at risk wives in India (Indo-US Programme on Prevention of Sexually Transmission Infections and HIV/AIDS) (2009-2011)
  5. Availability and utilization of reproductive health services at government health facilities among women in selected sites in Maharashtra ( Minority Department, Government of Maharashtra) (2009)

Ongoing Projects

  1. Enhancing Knowledge and Promoting Health Seeking Behaviour of Couples on STIs and Cervical Cancer in Urban Slums
  2. Gender Equity-Focused, Male-Centered Family Planning for Rural India
  3. Socio-behavioural aspects of smokeless tobacco with implications on reproductive health of low income married women in Mumbai Slum communities
  4. Intervention to enhance acceptance of contraceptive use among couples by reducing intimate partner violence