National Center for Primate Breeding and Research




  1. To breed non-human primates of defined health status and pedigree under GLP conditions to meet the current and anticipated future requirements of the center as well as that of the national scientific community.

  2. To create a specific-pathogen-free (SPF) rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) zone to undertake studies on HIV pathogenesis, development and evaluation of anti- HIV candidate vaccines

  3. To evaluate novel microbicides for their efficacy and safety in prevention of sexually transmitted infections using non-human primate model.

  4. To set up experimental non-human primate embryonic stem cell research facility and pre-clinical evaluation of cell based therapy.

  5. To develop the antifertility potential of lead molecules using non-human primates as well as to identify novel targets for male and female contraception.

  6. To undertake interdisciplinary research programmes on significant human health related problems where non-human primates are the animal models of choice.

  7. To provide the biomedical community with resources including facilities, professional and technical expertise for biological testing of potential drugs/vaccines.

  8. To generate resources necessary to employ functional genomics tools.

  9. To provide facilities for human resource development in need based areas, conduct training courses and workshops.

  10. To promote collaborative research programmes at national and international levels and allied industry for the long-term sustainability of the project through commercial ventures.

  11. To disseminate the findings of center supported studies to the research community.