Biomedical Informatics Centre

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The centre was instituted with the broad objective of undertaking computational studies in the realm of reproductive health. The centre is currently engaged in creation of prediction algorithms for antimicrobial peptides. We also aim to understand the structure-function relationships of certain G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) involved in human reproductive health. Another area of interest for the centre is creation and management of clinical databases. The centre provides bioinformatics support to the faculty and students. The centre is actively involved in conducting workshops and orientation classes on “the use of computers in biology” on a regular basis.

Objectives of the centre are as follows:

a) to develop new methodologies and solutions for prevention and amelioration of diseases of National importance
b) to develop and support databases of specific clinical findings
c) to promote modern biology research in host institute and regional medical colleges
d) to increase awareness of recent developments in the in modern biology through workshops and training programs

Details of the center activities can be viewed on our website