Awards & Honours 2013


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ICMR Tilak Venkoba Rao Award - 2010


Dr. Deepak Modi
Scientist C, Molecular & Cellular Biology Laboratory

ICMR Smt. Swaran Kanta Dingley Oration Award - 2009

Dr. Nafisa Huseni Balasinor
Scientist-D, Neuroendocrinology Lab


Dr. H.B. Dingley Memorial Award - 2010

Dr. Parag M. Tamhankar
Scientist-C, ICMR Genetics Research Center

Ranbaxy Science Scholar-2012

Ms Seema Parte
SRF, CSIR at Stem Cell Biology Department.

Best Paper Presentation Award

Jayanti Mania-Pramanik, Scientist E, Department of Infectious Diseases Biology received Best paper presentation award for Polymorphisms in Host Genetics and HIV Transmission at World Conference on Infectious Diseases, Chennai, December 18 th 2013.

Ranbaxy Science Scholar Award-2013

Priyanka S. Gokhale: Ph.D Student, Department of Infectious Diseases Biology received Ranbaxy Science Scholar Award-2013, Ranbaxy Science Foundation for Variation in Host Immunogenetic factors in HPV infection and predisposition to Cervical Cancer .





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